Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dan got inked

Okeeeey!spot the messy closet and the cam whore
so dan decided to get her very first tat from the moment she woke up and assumed that the day is gonna be one hell of a boring day so why not get inked and be crazy. Love it. I.C and I were there to give support since we're no longer tattoo virgins. The pic above is my peg for my next tat. I want it detailed and hard to figure out...hmmm but it does look like the one on my right upper back...hmmm
"Shai, kinakabahan ako",,, Dan was having anxiety attacks. Nervous much?!
im loving I.C's look

"kuya, masakit ba?..."

Dan wanted a simple bracelet-like-rosary.....it got a little exaggerated, but looks good!!!! very cruel intensions...GOTHIC-ROCK-CHIC


cigs was the only pain releaver

tweet tweet!!!

One last drink lang promise!!! hehe, went straight to "ahem" BUGSYS. Eleu followed from a "splendid dinner". He's the one in checkered

Dan with her supportive tita!!!COOL TITA

with jed, my fashion director friend

My day turned out to be active, compared to my other days as a bum...gaaah i hate it. More active days for me yo! Had my roots retouched, manicure, pedicure (ouch for ingrowns), curls, was able to window shop for my christmas list, supported a friend on getting inked, assisted a friend on shopping for goodies, satisfying my liver for a few drinks...phew! and blogging this :-)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Its not the sweetest thing after all

"the sweetest thing"...hmm mmm, one of my all time fave and fell-good flicks.Forgive me for being so pathetic. But have you ever wanted something so bad, you going nuts coz at the end of the day its not meant for you?Yup! thats my case..how unlucky.Now i have to pull off an act from the movie...guess what it is?!. I hope it does end up just like in the movies. God please be kind (wishfull thinking)

Cinderella walked on broken glass,
Sleeping Beauty let a whole lifetime pass.
Belle fell in love with a hideous beast,
Jasmine married a common thief.
Ariel walked on land for love and life,
Snow White barely escaped a knife.
It was all about blood, sweat, and tears
Because love means facing your biggest fears."
got this from Bubbles Paraiso's blog
its so cute and true i had to copy it :-)---


Saturday, December 12, 2009


its been 5 months since i last updated. Hmm, tamad much?!haha
this was at fort strip dinner with friends, im loving my curls
this was before my big day...my last friday night of being a kolehiyala..yup! finally!!! done with effin college!...it took me almost 5 years na nabulok sa taft...hurrrrraaaaay :p

at reserve with tina, jed and ivan...its BENNIE'S 31st BDAY!!!OLD OLD OLD LOL

Danita is clearly camera shy or just drunk? :p

my loves at RESERVE(new happening place at julia vargas,ortigas)

happy halloween!! Spot I.C Mendoza's costume!!!KABOG

burgers+hotdogs+oily fries+friends=solid bonding

at ESTABLISHMENT(fort) with jed,danita and with the birthday girl GRACE ONG!!! Finally, it was my first time at establishment. Very nice place, excellent food and wine with horrifying price :p

we're not just party people....yes indeed we help and volunteered during the ONDOY crisis :-) Let me just share..I.C bought a glass of vodka kurant during the repacking...haha he cant let go of his vice :p

repacking at mega tent. Super fun!!!! something new, and it all payed off

trivia, after volunteering, we reward ourserves with alcohol at ahem ahem (bugsys). God realized we've done something good so he rewarded us with a drinking session with Jake Cuenca and Railey V. haha God is good! I LOVE ORTIGAS!!!I LOVE CITY GOLF
Christmas is already in the air, and yet im looking forward for summer....clearly, im not feeling the holidays. Haven't even done my christmas shopping. Crap! I just cant wait for this year to end.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Its not the way its suppose to be...

finally its happening to me...
Last week was a power house. A lot has happened in an instant. And yes! I met a lot of people...exchanged numbers...flirted.... and was suppose to have a date after 10 billion years....
Then there comes the conflict. I never go for "tira-tira" or "scraps" or"should I say, I dont go for something I don't own from the start"...is it really owning something or someone?

I did something stupid before and I dont want a repeat performance. Its like eating my own words and eating something that I'm proudly standing for.

"Should I go out on a date with a friend's super duper duper crush???"

I dont like like the guy...but I have this form of flattery right now,, and honestly speaking.."IT FEELS GOOD"....

sO should i say "Come what may?"
or should i say "Nevermind"

My friend told me "ITS OK"---- but im a firm believer that saying ok has 2 sides-- being OK inside, and being OK outside.....and for the situation, I can say that its from the OUTSIDE....its easy to pretend being ok about it, but still.....
I'll be single forever...
Hopefully not
so help me God

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I wished they serve this here in the Philippines so Mcdo for me would be guilt free. Most of my friends including me had tweeted or even plurked about the "twister fries" comeback..."I LOOOOVVVVEEEE IT"... I.C and I even talked about it for 5 minutes while drinking our usual cocktail at bugsy's. We talked about how we love those long curly-spiral fries and laughed about how some pieces looked like (ching-a-ling) hahahahha.
We all have this certain craving for something....I crave a lot on certain things... some are guilty pleasure. I was talking to a gay-friend in class, and he told me about his craving for "macho-dancers"...its like drugs to him. Cravings usually keeps us alive, makes us happy...for a moment...then you'll move on, and crave for some more. Like in my case, I've been sober for a quite some time, and it kills me talking about it. The adrenaline rush I feel...the flash backs....stop it!

How long does a craving last? Is it like being on a break-up, then you'll move on but keeps on thinking about it...so you'll find a rebound? Do I need something else to crave about?

Its all in the mind! Cheers to that!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Its been a while since I last blogged about something...which means its been a while since I had those "drunken-restless-nights".... I'm being so "papansin" on twitter and plurk, so now its time to blog about my restless thoughts :'-(

a lot has happend already...M.J and Farrah may they rest in peace.... Pao and Jam's birthday...school got cancelled and resumed cause of A(H1N1) VIRUS... etc.etc....AND BEYOND THAT, IM STILL SINGLE

Sex and the City marathon is very much unhealthy for me.....yes! Im currently experiencing "M.V.I.D"---->(wanna guess what that means?!?).... I was able to absorb everything during those random hangouts with ish, kat and con plus a venti of coffee(non-fat by the way) and tall green tea..(my stomach went wild).

Its been a while since I blogged, since I updated my multiply, checked my myspace, had un-prescripted drugs, went on a date, in a relationship........in short, ITS BEEN A WHILE...IM STILL SINGLE!! Hey! whats wrong with me. Yup, I strongly agree "IM A SAMANTHA JONES.....but samantha is not experiencing drought...and I am....

Its been 8 months and still counting....Its my choice and not by circumstance...or somehow I can say "vice-versa",,,,,,,, I'm becoming restless about it..

iSH was right when she told me that "I'm looking for a guy that I can show and tell"

JaM was right when he said "Im looking at the wrong places"

Mario was right when he said " Im choosy and very hard to please"


Recap!---- I'm very easy to please, I'm often restless, I drink a lot(but rarely gets drunks), I think I'm low maintenance(i think..hmmm), I can make a fool out of my self (when I'm comfortable with you), I can talk about wrestling and basketball, I can,,,,,,I can,..... be whatever you like......and YES! IM SINGLE!

I'm 21 and alone.....

Its 2:28am in the morning....

will sign off and contemplate

Thursday, June 11, 2009


My mom asked me to give her a ride going to greenhills.Her roots are already out of place and she's in need for a retouch for the wedding and is experiencing total body ache because of her treatment for her bone something something...

There goes the manicure, pedicure...total pampering (love it)
Then she told me to drive her to "GALLE" because she needed shoes badly to match her "lovely-FASYON-gown"...designed by me of course :P

I let her go down first when we arrive because we're running out of time. The mall closes at around 9 or 10 and its already 8ish....

As I parked...and had my cancer stick...I called her through her cel "Ma, san ka?"
"CMG, punta ka na dito, I need your opinion"
walking...walking....walking...entered CMG
"Annnnaaaaaakkkkk, may kumuha ng bag ko!!!!"
"haaaa???? ano itchura bag mo???"
"iniwan ko lang dito while I was talking to you"

chaos everywhere...then the security came...

beyond shock.....I went to the nearest exit because I thought surely that culprit will commute and would look for a cab or whatever....

I failed...plus the fact I dont know how the bag looks like (stupid)

when i got back at CMG....my mom was laughing, and blabbing, and..and....she found her bag. I t was piled up along with the bags they sell at CMG.What a relief....but there goes her 10k....

In conclusion I think this sad ass culprit got frightend because my Mom was on her "MONSTER MODE" ...I think she was one of those customers left inside while my mom was histerical, so she got the envelope full of money and left.

We ate dinner, and my mom still can't get over it. I cant blame her though....so I just said "SO ALAM MO NA YUN NA FEEL KO WHEN I LOST MY IPHONE?"

People nowadays are beyond poverty...and thats not an excuse! They might have used it for something really really important, or what the hell?! they are just a bunch of "kleptos" who are really desperate and sick! I don't have the right to judge them, but they don't have the right to do such sick acts...hello!my mom worked hard for it, and all they did was spot the target!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I feel like crap literally...
I'm drunk and emotional...My chest is exploding already...
plus the fact that I'm cravin for "japanese".... and there's not a single japanese restaurant open 24/7. I just need something new. Something new that would erase all the negative shit... I'm so drunk I can type all day if I wanted to...It's literally not my year if you'll ask me. I miss the simpler days, those random days....those senseless days. Now, everything seems to fall out in place, and I cant do anything about it. Talk about being useless.

For the past couple of years, my life is like Samantha's...now its like "analytical-sensitive-Carry", and a 'Life's-full-of -shit-Miranda". That's not good! I should stop watching Sex and the City reruns! Feels good though, watching all those fictional episodes that just hits you straight up, and suddenly you'll say "hey, I did experience that...".....

Crap- shit...whatever you call it,,, im so sick and tired of it.
So please bare with me!

NOw i shall rest my mind and think about the poem..."No time, No time...too much to do, that was my constant cry"...


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I've cancelled on a lot of stuffs lately....
Boracay getaway--- check
Hongkong trip--- check
Guest with I.C for Pinoy Binggo Night--- check

Because of what?!---- SCHOOL (NSTP2 and Elementary Statistics class)
And just today they announced that classes are cancelled till the 18th "bummer".... they could have done that last week. Hello! A(H1N1) everywhere...

I cancelled  a friend's call today
I cancelled a friend request at facebook
I cancelled my craving for "japanese"food and went to KFC instead
I cancelled a meeting with a client because she can't make up her mind
I'm thinking of canceling my myspace account
I cancelled almost on everything.........

"At the top of the cycle you write policies for everybody, no matter how bad, and at the bottom you cancel everybody, no matter how good. It's a manic-depressive cycle. "--- Robert Hunter


I planned my monday to be "perfect"---well in my vocabulary, "a progressive monday". I made list and list like how may cigarettes I should smoke, my lunch with a good friend, my plans upon cleaning my hibernation zone. organizing my ipod's playlist....the list goes on.

So far, it all started by waking up 9am to be exact and an attempt to do yoga moves to start the day right. I skipped breakfast by the way, instead, like any other ordinary day, I opened my facebook account....and there it was...its like it stinged my eye,,, so quickly,I closed the window and "PLURKED".... pretty normal so far

And so, I finally went to Eastwood for a lunch with Eleu. Parked- smoked at starbucks- doodled- people watching- and there was Eleu craving for burger. As we sat.... the lady staring at me outside caught my attention. "Oops, it was Heidi's mom"...i quickly grabbed Eleu to come with me, seems like she wanted to ask me something, and suddenly I had butterflies all over my stomach and its definitely not hunger, I knew what she wanted to ask.

She did asked me about Heidi while firmly holding my hand. I saw a mother concerned about her daughter, a worried mother to be exact, and it hit me so hard...I was experiencing a cotton-mouth. I could have just said "Same old, Same old...she's with Spencer, spending all the efin money you gave her or she stole ....and...and.."...instead, I said a white lie.

White lies always works best for me. And its not my lie in the first place...not even my problem. So why am i so affected?!why do I even bother?!

I lost my appetite after that...
Had a huge Caesar wrap with Shrimps, YUM!...Eleu finished it.

I wonder, how some people are given so many trials in life and some of them doesnt seem to grow up.

And here I am blabbing about some other peoples problems, and I have my own I choose to set aside.

the rest of the day was a mess...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BORAfied with TV-5

ME and I.C!! booze nights


IC working......interview with LUCY TORRES GOMEZ AND RICHARD GOMEZ

Marco Alcaraz carrying I.C (gusto mo yan mare?)hahaha

Cathy,Ate jas,I.C,me,NAY -TIN

Went to boracay with my best"gay"friend I.C together with the "juicy crew". A very hectic-fun-exciting adventure. Stayed @ Ambassador resort in station 1--"special thanks to mrs.NIKI VAN DER TAK.
It was "GOMA-CUP" that time, so celebrities were spotted in sporty-wasted-stoned mode...well at least some of them.

I.C had to work for "juicy- episodes"...... afternoon shoots and wasted nights (i truly miss)

OMAR,AJ,NAY-TIN,ATE JAS,CHOLO....had a blast!!!!

"PICTURES C/O -- aj alberto (thanks mare!)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Maybe...Seems like the only word we trust

On my way home, (from bugsys of course)...as my ipod songs shuffle, Maybe by Kaskade began to play. I totally forgot about this song. An ultimate emo-chillout track that I used to love, and up to know, those lyrics never fail to uplift my senses.

Its a crashing song for me, combine it with the weather right now ( i love it)

Seams like the only word we trust So uncertain...
We stumble to understand our fall.

Maybe... You can make me smile when you're around You can be sunshine But even sometimes the sunshine can bring me down ------ this is my favorite line, so true..and it suddenly hit me right now. Sometimes, the things that seems to bring us to life can quickly pull us down to waht we call "reality".

I suggest you download this track(not really a new one) , it deserves a place on our playlist :)

"NAGPAPAKA-EMO LANG, HAHA i cant sleep pa eh...Ate too much MSG at northpark..so unhealthy"

I'll continue my emo-mode right now, maybe sleep would take place :)

Monday, May 25, 2009


its a very unlikely situation....
I did saw it coming...
I lost a bestfriend once... I dont want a repeat performance
Good times, Good times...suddenly seems so yesterday
I really have nothing to say
We're both speechless...

its a very Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag situation
you know what i mean...

I seize the day when you met spencer...i really do

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

its not something to look forward to...

School starts for me in a few hours, and I still cant sleep,,,(its not excitement by the way). Half of my block graduated already, and I'm one of those left-out senior Fashion Design students. One more term, 3 months of hell...yep!i'm very much looking forward for school.
I cant sleep because of my bad habit. I'm pretty much addicted to vodka-bull at the moment. Every single glass of it destroys my sleeping habit, and my dear liver is crying out loud.
I think i have what they call the "quater-life-crisis", or am i just restless???"...Thank god my sched is not that tight. It Starts in the afternoon and ends when rush-hour is hectic!HELLO TRAFFIC! I hate driving going to taft, I used to enjoy it... but it makes me sick right now.

Everyone's talking about the Hayden-Katrina scandal...i feel bad for the poor girl. Losers like hayden should go to limbo forever. One thing that really made my day was ish's blog about our barkada. I miss my highschool barkada everyday!!

At the end of the day, I'm still not looking forward for my class later---->PROFESSIONAL ETHICS 2. What a boring day it would be....

Anyways, things happend unexpectedly.... One thing would look forward to is something "New" coz I'm tired of the same old same old

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


ok, so i had two vodka bulls ,,its a start for me upon saving my liver. Where did my hibernation go? I was thinking of getting ice tea for the whole night, but i got teary-eyed (i can't do it) :(

My gay best friend woke me up from my "supposed-to-be POWER-NAP" and ended up fetching him from Galle after satisfying himself to a game of TEKKEN.We ended up at "Bugsy's" our quick-fix-gettaway.

After a close encounter with my beloved and some common friends and where-did-i-met-you people,we decided to end the night...take note-->11:30pm. Its a healthy-move for my liver:)I LOVE YOU LIVER!!! hahaha I.C updated me about his "Baguio trip-taping" which by the way he won a challenge at "pinoy records-gma7". He told me that Janina San Miguel had an issue calling model/host Phoemela Baranda "ate POOM"...hahaha she thought the pronounciation was "PHOEM(FHEM)--POOM"...HAHAHAHAH she's so krung-krung illlaaaaaavvvviiiiit.She made me smile. I'm gonna smile for the rest of the night :)