Tuesday, May 19, 2009


ok, so i had two vodka bulls ,,its a start for me upon saving my liver. Where did my hibernation go? I was thinking of getting ice tea for the whole night, but i got teary-eyed (i can't do it) :(

My gay best friend woke me up from my "supposed-to-be POWER-NAP" and ended up fetching him from Galle after satisfying himself to a game of TEKKEN.We ended up at "Bugsy's" our quick-fix-gettaway.

After a close encounter with my beloved and some common friends and where-did-i-met-you people,we decided to end the night...take note-->11:30pm. Its a healthy-move for my liver:)I LOVE YOU LIVER!!! hahaha I.C updated me about his "Baguio trip-taping" which by the way he won a challenge at "pinoy records-gma7". He told me that Janina San Miguel had an issue calling model/host Phoemela Baranda "ate POOM"...hahaha she thought the pronounciation was "PHOEM(FHEM)--POOM"...HAHAHAHAH she's so krung-krung illlaaaaaavvvviiiiit.She made me smile. I'm gonna smile for the rest of the night :)

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