Saturday, December 12, 2009


its been 5 months since i last updated. Hmm, tamad much?!haha
this was at fort strip dinner with friends, im loving my curls
this was before my big last friday night of being a kolehiyala..yup! finally!!! done with effin college! took me almost 5 years na nabulok sa taft...hurrrrraaaaay :p

at reserve with tina, jed and ivan...its BENNIE'S 31st BDAY!!!OLD OLD OLD LOL

Danita is clearly camera shy or just drunk? :p

my loves at RESERVE(new happening place at julia vargas,ortigas)

happy halloween!! Spot I.C Mendoza's costume!!!KABOG

burgers+hotdogs+oily fries+friends=solid bonding

at ESTABLISHMENT(fort) with jed,danita and with the birthday girl GRACE ONG!!! Finally, it was my first time at establishment. Very nice place, excellent food and wine with horrifying price :p

we're not just party people....yes indeed we help and volunteered during the ONDOY crisis :-) Let me just share..I.C bought a glass of vodka kurant during the repacking...haha he cant let go of his vice :p

repacking at mega tent. Super fun!!!! something new, and it all payed off

trivia, after volunteering, we reward ourserves with alcohol at ahem ahem (bugsys). God realized we've done something good so he rewarded us with a drinking session with Jake Cuenca and Railey V. haha God is good! I LOVE ORTIGAS!!!I LOVE CITY GOLF
Christmas is already in the air, and yet im looking forward for summer....clearly, im not feeling the holidays. Haven't even done my christmas shopping. Crap! I just cant wait for this year to end.

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