Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Its been a while since I last blogged about something...which means its been a while since I had those "drunken-restless-nights".... I'm being so "papansin" on twitter and plurk, so now its time to blog about my restless thoughts :'-(

a lot has happend already...M.J and Farrah may they rest in peace.... Pao and Jam's got cancelled and resumed cause of A(H1N1) VIRUS... etc.etc....AND BEYOND THAT, IM STILL SINGLE

Sex and the City marathon is very much unhealthy for me.....yes! Im currently experiencing "M.V.I.D"---->(wanna guess what that means?!?).... I was able to absorb everything during those random hangouts with ish, kat and con plus a venti of coffee(non-fat by the way) and tall green tea..(my stomach went wild).

Its been a while since I blogged, since I updated my multiply, checked my myspace, had un-prescripted drugs, went on a date, in a short, ITS BEEN A WHILE...IM STILL SINGLE!! Hey! whats wrong with me. Yup, I strongly agree "IM A SAMANTHA JONES.....but samantha is not experiencing drought...and I am....

Its been 8 months and still counting....Its my choice and not by circumstance...or somehow I can say "vice-versa",,,,,,,, I'm becoming restless about it..

iSH was right when she told me that "I'm looking for a guy that I can show and tell"

JaM was right when he said "Im looking at the wrong places"

Mario was right when he said " Im choosy and very hard to please"


Recap!---- I'm very easy to please, I'm often restless, I drink a lot(but rarely gets drunks), I think I'm low maintenance(i think..hmmm), I can make a fool out of my self (when I'm comfortable with you), I can talk about wrestling and basketball, I can,,,,,,I can,..... be whatever you like......and YES! IM SINGLE!

I'm 21 and alone.....

Its 2:28am in the morning....

will sign off and contemplate

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