Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I planned my monday to be "perfect"---well in my vocabulary, "a progressive monday". I made list and list like how may cigarettes I should smoke, my lunch with a good friend, my plans upon cleaning my hibernation zone. organizing my ipod's playlist....the list goes on.

So far, it all started by waking up 9am to be exact and an attempt to do yoga moves to start the day right. I skipped breakfast by the way, instead, like any other ordinary day, I opened my facebook account....and there it was...its like it stinged my eye,,, so quickly,I closed the window and "PLURKED".... pretty normal so far

And so, I finally went to Eastwood for a lunch with Eleu. Parked- smoked at starbucks- doodled- people watching- and there was Eleu craving for burger. As we sat.... the lady staring at me outside caught my attention. "Oops, it was Heidi's mom"...i quickly grabbed Eleu to come with me, seems like she wanted to ask me something, and suddenly I had butterflies all over my stomach and its definitely not hunger, I knew what she wanted to ask.

She did asked me about Heidi while firmly holding my hand. I saw a mother concerned about her daughter, a worried mother to be exact, and it hit me so hard...I was experiencing a cotton-mouth. I could have just said "Same old, Same old...she's with Spencer, spending all the efin money you gave her or she stole ....and...and.."...instead, I said a white lie.

White lies always works best for me. And its not my lie in the first place...not even my problem. So why am i so affected?!why do I even bother?!

I lost my appetite after that...
Had a huge Caesar wrap with Shrimps, YUM!...Eleu finished it.

I wonder, how some people are given so many trials in life and some of them doesnt seem to grow up.

And here I am blabbing about some other peoples problems, and I have my own I choose to set aside.

the rest of the day was a mess...

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