Sunday, May 31, 2009

Maybe...Seems like the only word we trust

On my way home, (from bugsys of course) my ipod songs shuffle, Maybe by Kaskade began to play. I totally forgot about this song. An ultimate emo-chillout track that I used to love, and up to know, those lyrics never fail to uplift my senses.

Its a crashing song for me, combine it with the weather right now ( i love it)

Seams like the only word we trust So uncertain...
We stumble to understand our fall.

Maybe... You can make me smile when you're around You can be sunshine But even sometimes the sunshine can bring me down ------ this is my favorite line, so true..and it suddenly hit me right now. Sometimes, the things that seems to bring us to life can quickly pull us down to waht we call "reality".

I suggest you download this track(not really a new one) , it deserves a place on our playlist :)

"NAGPAPAKA-EMO LANG, HAHA i cant sleep pa eh...Ate too much MSG at unhealthy"

I'll continue my emo-mode right now, maybe sleep would take place :)

Monday, May 25, 2009


its a very unlikely situation....
I did saw it coming...
I lost a bestfriend once... I dont want a repeat performance
Good times, Good times...suddenly seems so yesterday
I really have nothing to say
We're both speechless...

its a very Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag situation
you know what i mean...

I seize the day when you met spencer...i really do

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

its not something to look forward to...

School starts for me in a few hours, and I still cant sleep,,,(its not excitement by the way). Half of my block graduated already, and I'm one of those left-out senior Fashion Design students. One more term, 3 months of hell...yep!i'm very much looking forward for school.
I cant sleep because of my bad habit. I'm pretty much addicted to vodka-bull at the moment. Every single glass of it destroys my sleeping habit, and my dear liver is crying out loud.
I think i have what they call the "quater-life-crisis", or am i just restless???"...Thank god my sched is not that tight. It Starts in the afternoon and ends when rush-hour is hectic!HELLO TRAFFIC! I hate driving going to taft, I used to enjoy it... but it makes me sick right now.

Everyone's talking about the Hayden-Katrina scandal...i feel bad for the poor girl. Losers like hayden should go to limbo forever. One thing that really made my day was ish's blog about our barkada. I miss my highschool barkada everyday!!

At the end of the day, I'm still not looking forward for my class later---->PROFESSIONAL ETHICS 2. What a boring day it would be....

Anyways, things happend unexpectedly.... One thing would look forward to is something "New" coz I'm tired of the same old same old

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


ok, so i had two vodka bulls ,,its a start for me upon saving my liver. Where did my hibernation go? I was thinking of getting ice tea for the whole night, but i got teary-eyed (i can't do it) :(

My gay best friend woke me up from my "supposed-to-be POWER-NAP" and ended up fetching him from Galle after satisfying himself to a game of TEKKEN.We ended up at "Bugsy's" our quick-fix-gettaway.

After a close encounter with my beloved and some common friends and where-did-i-met-you people,we decided to end the night...take note-->11:30pm. Its a healthy-move for my liver:)I LOVE YOU LIVER!!! hahaha I.C updated me about his "Baguio trip-taping" which by the way he won a challenge at "pinoy records-gma7". He told me that Janina San Miguel had an issue calling model/host Phoemela Baranda "ate POOM"...hahaha she thought the pronounciation was "PHOEM(FHEM)--POOM"...HAHAHAHAH she's so krung-krung illlaaaaaavvvviiiiit.She made me smile. I'm gonna smile for the rest of the night :)

Monday, May 18, 2009


These are pics from my latest collection. Times when i was busy as a bee until summer came, and laziness comes to place. Night outs, vodka,cancer sticks, spa...bum days and bum nights,my liver is mad at me right now.
Yep! I have all the time in the world. School starts in a few days, and summer is almost over(well at least for me). I didnt get enough tan this year, and as I was planning to get a quick fix tan on our roofdeck, the sun decided to disappear (bummer)...
I kinda feel for what my friend Engie feels right now. She's having a designer's block. In fashion world, it means havong no inspiration at all....which by the way is also happening to me now. Days gone by, I'm just starring at my pens, markers, sketchpad..magazines...and then "NOTHING"....i'm getting bored. Right now, im planning to make a moodboard full of inspirations(wish me luck)
I'm in the process right now of letting go of all the NEGATIVE STUFFS and NEGATIVE VIBES....yet again, at the end of the day, I still know i have all the time in the world, and im doing nothing..(JOY)