Thursday, July 2, 2009


I wished they serve this here in the Philippines so Mcdo for me would be guilt free. Most of my friends including me had tweeted or even plurked about the "twister fries" comeback..."I LOOOOVVVVEEEE IT"... I.C and I even talked about it for 5 minutes while drinking our usual cocktail at bugsy's. We talked about how we love those long curly-spiral fries and laughed about how some pieces looked like (ching-a-ling) hahahahha.
We all have this certain craving for something....I crave a lot on certain things... some are guilty pleasure. I was talking to a gay-friend in class, and he told me about his craving for "macho-dancers"...its like drugs to him. Cravings usually keeps us alive, makes us happy...for a moment...then you'll move on, and crave for some more. Like in my case, I've been sober for a quite some time, and it kills me talking about it. The adrenaline rush I feel...the flash backs....stop it!

How long does a craving last? Is it like being on a break-up, then you'll move on but keeps on thinking about you'll find a rebound? Do I need something else to crave about?

Its all in the mind! Cheers to that!

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