Sunday, May 31, 2009

Maybe...Seems like the only word we trust

On my way home, (from bugsys of course) my ipod songs shuffle, Maybe by Kaskade began to play. I totally forgot about this song. An ultimate emo-chillout track that I used to love, and up to know, those lyrics never fail to uplift my senses.

Its a crashing song for me, combine it with the weather right now ( i love it)

Seams like the only word we trust So uncertain...
We stumble to understand our fall.

Maybe... You can make me smile when you're around You can be sunshine But even sometimes the sunshine can bring me down ------ this is my favorite line, so true..and it suddenly hit me right now. Sometimes, the things that seems to bring us to life can quickly pull us down to waht we call "reality".

I suggest you download this track(not really a new one) , it deserves a place on our playlist :)

"NAGPAPAKA-EMO LANG, HAHA i cant sleep pa eh...Ate too much MSG at unhealthy"

I'll continue my emo-mode right now, maybe sleep would take place :)

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