Wednesday, May 20, 2009

its not something to look forward to...

School starts for me in a few hours, and I still cant sleep,,,(its not excitement by the way). Half of my block graduated already, and I'm one of those left-out senior Fashion Design students. One more term, 3 months of hell...yep!i'm very much looking forward for school.
I cant sleep because of my bad habit. I'm pretty much addicted to vodka-bull at the moment. Every single glass of it destroys my sleeping habit, and my dear liver is crying out loud.
I think i have what they call the "quater-life-crisis", or am i just restless???"...Thank god my sched is not that tight. It Starts in the afternoon and ends when rush-hour is hectic!HELLO TRAFFIC! I hate driving going to taft, I used to enjoy it... but it makes me sick right now.

Everyone's talking about the Hayden-Katrina scandal...i feel bad for the poor girl. Losers like hayden should go to limbo forever. One thing that really made my day was ish's blog about our barkada. I miss my highschool barkada everyday!!

At the end of the day, I'm still not looking forward for my class later---->PROFESSIONAL ETHICS 2. What a boring day it would be....

Anyways, things happend unexpectedly.... One thing would look forward to is something "New" coz I'm tired of the same old same old

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